Adding by 3s: A Musical Adventure with Silly School Songs

In this blog post, we will delve into the exciting world of adding by 3s, making it easy and enjoyable for young learners. Join us on a musical journey with Silly School Songs as we explore this fundamental math concept through a catchy and memorable song. Get ready to tap your feet, sing along, and master the skill of adding by 3s in no time!

The Magic of Adding by 3s

Adding by 3s is a crucial building block in early math education. It forms the foundation for understanding more complex math concepts in the future. By breaking down the addition process into manageable steps, we can help young learners grasp the concept with ease.

The Silly School Songs Approach

At Silly School Songs, we believe in making learning fun and engaging. Our team of experienced educators and musicians has crafted an original song specifically designed to teach adding by 3s. With its upbeat rhythm, catchy lyrics, and vibrant visuals, this song will capture the attention of young learners and make the learning process a joyful experience.

Step-by-Step Learning

The song begins by introducing the concept of adding by 3s. It then takes learners on a musical journey, starting with simple addition problems like 3 + 0 and gradually progressing to more complex ones like 10 + 3. Each step is repeated multiple times, allowing learners to solidify their understanding and build confidence.

Interactive Learning

To enhance the learning experience, the song encourages active participation from young learners. They are prompted to sing along, clap their hands, and follow the simple dance moves demonstrated in the video. This interactive approach not only reinforces the learning but also adds an element of fun and excitement.

Visual Aids

The song is accompanied by visually appealing animations that illustrate the addition process. These animations help learners visualize the concept and make connections between the numbers and their sums. The use of colors, shapes, and characters further enhances the learning experience and keeps young learners engaged.

Repetition and Reinforcement

Repetition is key to mastering any skill, and our song takes full advantage of this principle. The addition problems are repeated multiple times throughout the song, allowing learners to practice and reinforce their understanding. By the end of the song, they will have gained a solid grasp of adding by 3s.


With Silly School Songs, learning addition by 3s becomes a delightful and memorable experience. Through our engaging song, interactive elements, and visual aids, we make math fun and accessible for young learners. So, let’s embark on this musical journey together and discover the joy of adding by 3s!

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