Building a LEGO Vending Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

Building a LEGO Vending Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you a LEGO enthusiast looking for a fun and challenging building project? Look no further than building your own LEGO vending machine! This project combines creativity, engineering, and a touch of automation, making it an ideal activity for LEGO fans of all ages.

Materials You’ll Need:

  • LEGO bricks (various sizes and colors)
  • LEGO Technic gears and axles
  • LEGO Technic beams and plates
  • A small container for holding LEGO pieces (optional)
  • A lever or button for dispensing LEGO pieces (optional)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

1. Design the Base and Structure:

Start by building a sturdy base for your vending machine. Use LEGO beams and plates to create a rectangular structure. The size of the base will depend on the scale of your vending machine and the number of LEGO pieces you want to dispense.

2. Create the Dispensing Mechanism:

The heart of your vending machine is the dispensing mechanism. You can use a simple LEGO Technic gear system to create a rotating tray or a sliding platform that delivers LEGO pieces.

Here’s a basic design:

  • Attach a gear to the bottom of a LEGO Technic beam.
  • Use another gear to connect the first gear to a larger gear mounted on a LEGO Technic axle.
  • Mount the axle to a platform or tray that will hold the LEGO pieces.
  • When you turn the smaller gear, it will rotate the larger gear and move the platform or tray.

3. Build the Storage Compartment:

Create a compartment to hold the LEGO pieces you want to dispense. You can use a small LEGO container or build a custom compartment using bricks and plates.

Make sure the storage compartment is connected to the dispensing mechanism so that when the platform or tray moves, it delivers LEGO pieces from the compartment.

4. Add a Lever or Button (Optional):

To make your vending machine more interactive, you can add a lever or button that controls the dispensing mechanism. Connect the lever or button to the smaller gear in your dispensing mechanism so that when it’s activated, it rotates the gear and dispenses LEGO pieces.

5. Decorate and Personalize:

Once you have the basic structure and functionality in place, it’s time to get creative! Decorate your vending machine with LEGO bricks in different colors and patterns. You can also add stickers, minifigures, or other LEGO elements to personalize your creation.

Tips for Success:

  • Start with a simple design and gradually add complexity as you gain experience.
  • Test your dispensing mechanism thoroughly to ensure it works smoothly.
  • Use a variety of LEGO bricks and elements to create a unique and visually appealing vending machine.
  • Have fun and experiment with different designs!


Building a LEGO vending machine is a fun and rewarding project that combines creativity, engineering, and LEGO building skills. With a little patience and ingenuity, you can create a unique and functional vending machine that will be a treasured addition to your LEGO collection.