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iRam 11.9

This iRam episode celebrates the new James Bond film release with a Bond parody, followed by skits about Podcast Auditions, opinions of the holidays, and then honors the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday…

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Status Update 9.9

This episode features news about the ROTC Drill Teams, the new Athletic Driector, the DRHS Art Club, the student snack bar, and homecoming highlights.

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Status Update 9.8

Welcome back to Status Update! This episode features news about Written Art, the new Yearbook sponsor, an interview with Coach Martinez, highlights from the recent homecoming parade, and a student…

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iRam 11.3

In honor of the upcoming Halloween season, this episode features a couple of spooky skits and parodies, starting with a Deathnote parody called "Tripnote," a segment about a haunted muppet,…

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CTE Former Student Spotlight - Paola Gonzalez

CTE Former Students’ Spotlight - Connecting Education to Careers Series. This video features former student, Paolo Gonzalez.

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Status Update 9.7

This episode features news about the past DRHS Career Fair, the Rage Color Guard team, the DRHS recycling program, the recent Pink Out pep rally, the Mighty Ram Band, and student parking…

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Status Update 9.4

This episode features S2S (student body welcoming committee), safe driving tips for new drivers, and segments on our Drama Club & Dance company. Please enjoy!

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Media Tech Club - The Lunchbox

This is the first episode of our Media Tech Club's talk show titled "The Lunchbox." This episode's topic revolves around the skateboarding community and the upcoming local skate…

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Status Update 9.3

This episode features safety procedures on campus, information on our Media Tech Club, advice from Texas Parks & Wildlife on how to take care of our environment, and information on Gear Up!…

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iRam 11.1

This episode features a Jaws parody, and other comedic sketches involving the importance of tucking in chairs, performing innocent dares, and the little known condition of backward-itis. Please…

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Status Update 9.2

This episode features an update on our Del Rio Rams, a "Mask or No Mask" opinion segment, interviews with the Athletic Trainers, and a community interest story regarding our skating…

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Status Update 9.1

This episode features a morning traffic report, tips on COVID safety, and interviews with the Mighty Ram Band, DRHS Art, and Baseball. Please enjoy!

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2021 Ram Film Awards Ceremony

2021 Virtual Ram Film Awards Ceremony, recognizing the hard work and dedication of the young student filmmakers of the CTE Media and Digital Communications Program at Del Rio High School.

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The Freshman Fix 1.5

In this episode we thank the participants of DRFS's first talent show. Paul Hackemesser teaches us about password safety, and we acknowledge the freshman students participating in the Ram Film…

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Once in a While Show - Final Episode

This episode features a musical reading, Zoom Olympics, Words of Wisdom from the departing senior class, a look at some Zoom challenges and PSAs about mask safety, checking grades, and being…

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Biology EOC Test Taking Strategies

Remember to use your strategies... or else!

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