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Citing Sources: Why & How to Do It

This tutorial will show you why you need to cite sources in your research paper and how to do it. Published by OSLIS

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Grades K-1: Assignment #1 - First Video (Mini-lesson: Problems & Solutions)

Mrs. Hauge's Library Lesson #1 - Problems and Solutions

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Grades K-1: Assignment #1 - Third Video (last video) (Story Time: There's Nothing To Do )

Story Time with Mrs.Hauge There's Nothing To Do by Dev Petty Illustrated by Mike Boldt Published by Dragonfly Books - NY

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Grades K-1: Assignment #1 - Second Video (Practice: Identifying Problems & Solutions)

Practice identifying story problems and solutions Recorded with

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Grade 3: Assignment #1 - Second Video (BrainPOP Online Safety #2)

Online safety tips for kids

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Grade 3: Assignment #1 - First Video (5 Internet Safety Tips for Kids)

Sharing photos, posting comments, playing video games -- these are just a few of the ways that kids interact online, but sometimes there are risks. Learn five ways to keep kids safe on the internet.

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Grade 3: Assignment #1 - Third Video (last video) (NetSafe: What is Personal Information?)

Personal information identifies who we are, where we live, and how family, friends and others can find us to talk to us or come over and visit us. Personal information can help us communicate with…

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Grade 6: Assignment #1 - Third Video (last video) (How to Spot Fake News - - Read more at:

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Grade 5: Assignment #1 - Third Video (last video) (How to Prevent Cyberbullying -

How to Prevent Bullying and CyberBullying? Bullying is unfortunately still as much of a problem today as it ever was. But, back in the day, a bully usually showed itself in the form of some big…

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Grade 5: Assignment #1 - Second Video (Cyberbullying - Emma's Story)

From Common Sense Media: A teen girl's account of her personal experience with cyberbullying

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Grade 5: Assignment #1 - First Video (What's Cyberbullying?)

Looking for a lesson plan on this topic? Visit: It's an unfortunate truth of the internet: Some online…

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Grade 4: Assignment #1 - Second Video (Being a Good Digital Citizen)

In this video, you’ll learn more about what you can do to be a good digital citizen. Visit to learn even more about improving communication…

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Grade 4: Assignment #1 - First Video (What Is Digital Citizenship?)

Learn what digital citizenship is and why it matters.

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Grade 4: Assignment #1 - Third Video (last video) (Super Digital Citizen)

Online tools are empowering for kids, and they also come with big responsibilities. But do kids always know what to do when they encounter cyberbullying? Show your students appropriate ways to take…

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Grade 6: Assignment #1 - First Video (Hoaxes Debunked l GMA)

From false claims about treatments to fake headlines about celebrities who have contracted coronavirus, false stories have spread rapidly. Subscribe to…

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Grade 6: Assignment #1 - Second Video (5 Ways To Spot Fake News)

These days it can be hard to tell what news is legit, what's opinion, and what's full-on fake. These five tips can help you weed out the real from the completely made up.

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