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How to Add a Co-Viewer to a Private Video

Learn how to share a private video with one or more other SchoolTube users.

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How to Publish Videos to Private School Gallery

Learn how to publish a video to your school's private video gallery. Note: Viewers must have an account under the school in order to access and view videos in the private gallery.

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2021 Sixty Second HorrorFest

The 60 Second HorrorFest is a micro film festival for middle and high school students to explore their creativity and skills in the horror/thriller genre. The top 3 films will awarded with prize…

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2020 STN 60 Second HorrorFest Top 3 Winners

*This event is for students in middle or high school* Nothing quite says Halloween like a Scary Movie! It's October and we thought of no better way to kick off the production season than…

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How to Embed a SchoolTube Video

Learn how to embed a SchoolTube video into a website or web page.

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Comparing mitosis and meiosis | Cells | MCAT | Khan Academy

Comparison of the processes of mitosis and meiosis. Watch the next lesson: Missed the…

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MemberHub Overview

Learn how MemberHub can help improve fundraising for journalism, media and film classes and clubs.

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CCNNLive Payment

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School Passport - SchoolTube Overview

Learn how School Passport from GG4L now includes seamless access to SchoolTube for video creation, hosting, and sharing.

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