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The Path to Nazi Genocide

This 38-minute film introduces the history of the Holocaust. It begins by looking back at the major changes from 1918 to 1933 that created the political climate for the birth and rise of the Nazi…

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Getting to Google Classroom from Zoom - Chromebook

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How to get to Google Calendar

Are you having a hard time getting from your zoom class to your google calendar? This video will help!

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How to Adjust Microphone Volume on Chromebook for Zoom (English)

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Using YouTube: How do I School Tube? Ep. 5

You found an awesome video on YouTube and you want to use it? Here's how you do it. You will need to send the video url to T. Vince so he can whitelist it for our Chromebooks. No biggie, but it…

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Error: 500 Message: How do I School Tube? Ep. 4

The trick to avoiding the error 500 message when you share a playlist is to make the playlist inside a channel instead of as an independent channel.

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Getting Help: How do I School Tube? Ep. 0

You need answers now, because time is money and money is pizza

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Embedding in Plus Portals: How do I School Tube? Ep. 3

You've made the video, now let's show it to some students!

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Teacher Galen's Generic Page Greeting

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Finding Videos - How do I School Tube? Ep. 2

In this installment we discover the need to move an advertisement in order to find the school gallery.

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FACTS: How to Submit Attendance - English

This video will show you how to mark yourself as present for the day on Plus Portals

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Privacy Settings: How do I School Tube? Ep. 1

Let's talk privacy settings at the video level and at the playlist level so you can share a video to the world, all your teachers, or just a few members of your team

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G.F. Patrick - "Something Inside So Strong" - Labi Siffre Cover

The school where I work is a singing school, and this song one of our anthems. While we're all stuck at home missing each other, I can't help but play the song over and over again in the…

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T. Galen's Weekly Greeting April 20

Hey y'all, it's April 20th and that means it's a brand new week. Have you looked at your upcoming assingments?

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