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2.7 Lesson on Sketching Rational Graphs

Finding asymptotes (vertical, horizontal, and slant), holes, x-intercepts, and y-intercepts for a rational function then using that information to graph. Finding domain and range of rational…

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2.6 Rationals and Asymptotes

Finding vertical, horizontal, and slant asymptotes for rational functions. Finding holes and x-intercepts of rational functions. Sketching a graph of a rational function using the asymptotes, the x…

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Math 3 Unit 2 Day 5 Solving with Quadratic Formula

Review solving quadratics by taking the square root and factoring. Learning to solve quadratics with the quadratic formula, some with imaginary solutions. Using the discriminant to find describe…

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Math 3 Unit 1 Day 4 Notes

Graphing quadratics in vertex form using the pattern.

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Math 3 Unit 1 Day 5 Notes

Learning to graph piecewise functions.

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Math 3 Unit 1 Day 1 End of Notes

End of the Day 1 lesson in Math 3. Substituting a binomial expression into a function and simplifying.

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2.5 Lesson

Finding all solutions to a polynomial, without a graphing calculator. All solutions include rational, irrational, and imaginary.

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2.4 Lesson

Operations with imaginary numbers. Graphing imaginary numbers.

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2.3 Lesson

Review long and synthetic division. Using the factor and remainder theorems to find rational roots of a polynomial.

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2.2 Lesson

Sketching polynomials using the end behavior from the leading coefficient, and the roots, including any multiplicities. Use the sum and product rule to write equations of polynomials given integers…

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2.1 Lesson

Putting quadratics in vertex form by completing the square to identify the vertex. Identifying x- and y-intercepts of a quadratic. Writing equations of a quadratic using the vertex and a point on…

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Unit 1 Word Problems Lesson

Using graphing calculator to find max or min from word problems.

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1.5 Lesson

Finding an inverse informally and algebraically. Graphing inverses.

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1.4 Lesson

Finding compositions of functions with equations and from a graph.

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1.3 Lesson

Applying transformations to functions and graphs.

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1.2 Lesson

Review graphing parent graphs, finding domain and range, finding intervals of increasing and decreasing, graphing piecewise, and determining if a function is even or odd.

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