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Dudley Alma Mater Video

Dudley High School prides itself on its rich history. This video depicts Dudley's alma mater sang by members of Dudley's Cheerleading squad led by their coach and chorus teacher, Ms. Dawn…

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Dudley High School Senior Capping Ceremony

Dudley High School's Senior Capping Ceremony is a time-honored tradition where Dudley seniors receive scholarships and awards and are donned with their caps for the first time.

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Panther Times - Episode 4 - Week of Jan.18

This is the fourth episode of the Panther Times. Sharing news for the students and parents and the Great James B. Dudley High School.

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Dudley ECA Magnet Fair Video

Dudley High School's Early College Academy Program offers all of the benefits of an Early College with the traditional school experience.

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Dudley Strong Winter Extravaganza

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Dudley Lunch & Learn

Get tips for helping your child be more successful with online learning. Learn strategies from each department on what you or your student can do in each subject to get the most out of the online…

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SEL Optimistic Closure - Dwayne Washington

This video discusses Optimistic Closures. It covers what they are and how they are used to strategically grow SEL. Optimistic Closures can be used with both children or adults. Watch the video to…

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SGMS Virtual Promotional Ceremony - Slideshow

Southern Guilford Middle School Virtual Promotional Ceremony - Slideshow

From  washind on June 9th, 2020 0 likes 372 plays

SGMS Virtual Talent Show - Final Version

This is Southern Guilford Middle School's Virtual Talent Show.

From  washind on June 5th, 2020 1 likes 291 plays

SGMS Virtual Talent Show - Full Version - No Sound Check

Here is a rough cut of the Talent show. Still need to add a thumbnail, balance sounds and make other minor changes.

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SGMS Virtual Career Fair Commercial

From  washind on May 8th, 2020 0 likes 33 plays

SGMS Virtual Talent Show Commercial

This is a commercial for our SGMS Virtual Talent Show. Check it out! You are invited to submit a one minute or less .The deadline to submit videos is May 15th, 2020.

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