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This book, Abuela, was written by Arthur Dorros and illustrated by Elisa Kleven, read by Mrs. F. An young girl describes her adventures with her Abuela, her grandmother. This imaginative bilingual…

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Bill Nye the Science Guy S05E16 Storms

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How to play Cajon for beginners (Made Easy) - TIPS

Quality Cajon provides the easiest to the most complex cover and video tutorial for the aspiring Cajon player. All types of genre are covered with no exception. The concept of "Made Easy"…

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Rhythm in a box: The story of the cajon drum - Paul Jennings

View full lesson: Many modern musical instruments are complicated pieces of machinery with many moving parts.…

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Incredible Cajon Performance on NYC Streets

Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at Connect with us on MySpace at Andrew Beall, Javier…

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Nickelodeon Celebrates 🎉 Hispanic Heritage Month | Nick

Nickelodeon is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and we want to celebrate with you! Let us know in the comments below how you will be celebrating this month. Catch more of your favorite shows on…

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Sesame Street: Latino Festival!

Dominican Republic, Chile, and Peru: They speak Spanish in these countries and that's just to name a few! Take a stroll through the Latino Festival on Sesame Street. Subscribe to the Sesame…

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