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Parts of a Plant

Explores the basic parts of a plant including the stem, roots, and leaves. The program describes the functions of each of these plant parts using many real-world examples.

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Animated Hero Classics - Louis Pasteur

Learn about Louis Pasteur in this program. With conviction, this great French scientist discovered the cure for deadly diseases after the deaths of his beloved daughters.

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Animated Hero Classics - Harriet Tubman

In this program, learn about Harriet Tubman. Courage helps her escape slavery and become a "modern-day Moses," bravely leading others to freedom.

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Animated Hero Classics - George Washington

In this program, learn about George Washington. He was a great man who served his country as patriot, soldier, and the first President of the United States. This program is a lesson in leadership.

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Animated Hero Classics - Galileo

In this program, learn about Galileo Galilei. He was an extraordinary and courageous genius of astronomy, and had the integrity to tell the truth that he discovered about the universe.

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Animated Hero Classics - Alexander Graham Bell

In this program, learn about the great inventor, Alexander Graham Bell. This man of compassion teaches the deaf, overcomes failure and invents the telephone.

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Animated Hero Classics - Christopher Columbus

In this program, learn about Christopher Columbus. With determination, this starry-eyed young man's dream of reaching China ends with the discovery of a new world.

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Animated Hero Classics - Helen Keller

In this program, learn about Helen Keller. With the help of a patient teacher, she is successful in overcoming obstacles of deafness and blindness and learns to communicate.

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Magic School Bus - Meets The Rot Squad


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Magic School Bus - In The Arctic

Heat Energy

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Magic School Bus - Gains Weight


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Magic School Bus - Lost In Space


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Magic School Bus - Takes A Dive


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Magic School Bus - Ups and Downs

Sink & Float

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Magic School Bus - For Lunch


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Magic School Bus - Gets Planted


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