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Interview with Maddy

This project is the final project in Broadcasting Technology. I interviewed Maddy Ta about her first year of Track and Field.

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The Scoop

Produced by Tyler Hofer and Maxwell Crane.

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Kassia's 3 top College Tips

Produced by Kassia Fundoukos

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Ladue's #1 Rock Climber

Produced by Lizzie Esther.

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Mac the Photographer

Produced by Lizzie Esther.

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Ladue Film Festival

Ladue Film Festival highlights

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Ladue View - May 2023

Senior Farewell show: In this episode of Ladue View we have some amazing creative films and videos including ones about the objects that can change lives, the drinks that keep us going, a creative…

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St. Louis is Back PSA

Students from Ladue Horton Watkins High School and Gateway STEM High School, partner each year with our local NBC affiliate, 5 On Your Side, to produce a community video project. The 2023 Ladue…

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Ladue View - December 2022

In this episode of Ladue View we have three segments to share with you. Baseball, Life at Ladue, and Culture. Senior Austin Coburn and Mate Daus traveled to Cooperstown, NY with the St. Louis…

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The Advice Columnist

In this film by Senior Fiona Hayreh, a burnt out advice columnist comes across a question that leads her to find her own answers. Anyone can tell you that Fiona is one of the most passionate people…

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Opening Film Festival 2023

Last semester, our students created videos with the one word prompt: Why. With only eight days to write, produce, and edit the final submissions, we couldn’t be more proud of what these…

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Our next film comes from Junior Maxwell Crane. Maxwell has dedicated his time in Broadcast Technology to a comedy show called A Few Bits of Advice. This is just one of his sketches. We all know the…

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The Realtor

Senior Heather Van Well decided to take a horror approach to the "why" prompt. In "The Realtor," Heather shows how a house purchase could go horribly wrong.

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Why is it So Hard to be Authentic?

For our last video tonight, Senior Dylan Patterson went for something different. In his reflective video, he asks us - and more importantly, himself - how hard authenticity is. And who really does…

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Cardinals Fantasy Camp: The story of Abe, Efram, and Lou Brock

Abe Cherrick gave himself a 50th birthday present by attending a Fantasy Camp held by the St. Louis Cardinals, 19 years ago. For years, Abe brought his son, Efram, to camp each time. What happened…

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Ladue Strength & Conditioning with Coach Maier

Connect with Coach Maier and join the Ladue Strength and Conditioning program.

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