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2nd Grade Rectangular Array and Addition

Using dice create rows and columns. Use these to complete an array. Finally find friendly numbers to help you find the sum of the dots in the array. For an added element of fun, use toys, candy,…

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Adding and Subtracting Within 20

Use dice to create addition and subtraction math problems within 20. Use strategies like make ten, finding friendly numbers, and the commutative property to assist computation.

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Kinder Counting and Comparing Dice Games

Have fun using dice to count all, count on, and compare. For added practice, write numerals once you have completed counting.

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Llama Llama Red Pajama

Enjoy a silly version of the wonderful "Llama Llama Red Pajama" by Anna Dewdney. Mrs. Watkins has a humorous voice, panda ears, and glasses is this light hearted reading that brings…

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Double-Digit Domino Math

Help you child practice double-digit addition with Dominoes.

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Kinder and 1st Domino Addition

Use Dominoes to help your child with 1 to 1 counting, numeral writing, accurately writing and equation (number sentence), and adding. For Kindergarten the focus is on adding within 5 and first grade…

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"I Am a Story" by Dan Yaccarino

Enjoy a reading of "I Am a Story" read by Mrs. Watkins and her special guest Hazel. Text to Self: What stories do you like to tell friends and family. Do you use words, drawing, or…

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