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Tardigrades Make the Grade by Laurie Ann Thompson

Laurie Ann Thompson, tells of some very tiny critters who are also very tough. If you never heard of a tardigrade, you won't forget it. You can also read the text here.

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Dickens' A Christmas Carol; How a Short Story with a Big Message Helped the Poor, By Andrea Warren

Andrea Warren tells the story of a tale by a young father became a classic for all times. You can read the text here.

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What Can You Learn from a Holiday Light and a Glass Cup? by Vicki Cobb, The Master Chef of Kids' Hands-on Science

Lights all around us are part of the holiday season. But light in technology sends any kind of message. Vicki Cobb explains how. You can read the text here.

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Percy The Cat by Aline Alexander Newman, Wildlife Storyteller

Here's evidence that cat's are smart. Aline Newman tells the story of Percy, a cat who commuted from home to his favorite spot by train, every day. And he returned every day the same way.…

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The Taste Of Death by Carla Killough McClafferty

Author Carla Killough McClafferty tells the sad story of the outcome of the use of paint that contained the newly discovered element radium, that glowed in the dark. A clock manufacturer hired many…

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Be a Biography Detective by Marlene Brill

Marlene Brill gives tips on how to write a biography. She uses her experience on the writing of her biography of Delores Heurta, a woman who was an activist for rights of immigrant farm workers. …

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Tough Shape

The Librarians at the Scarsdale, NY Library made this video. I was doing a series of program asking kids to make videos from We Dare You, and they felt that if they couldn't make a video, how…

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Lemuel's Bridge, written and illustrated by Roxie Munro, Visual Thinker

This is an amazing story of a nineteenth century design competition of engineers to build a bridge across a river in what is now West Virginia. Roxie Munro has a personal interest and that's…

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Trapped! by Aline Newman, Wildlife Storyteller

Aline Newman and her husband Neil were awakened in their country home by a strange sound in their house. It must have been made by an animal but it was a sound like no other. So they investigated…

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Marquis de Lafayette: Revolutionary Hero and Washington’s Adopted Son by Selene Castrovilla, Empathetic Historian

Selene Castrovilla tells a compelling story of a French hero of the Revolutionary War. The support of the French was key to separating our colonies from the British. You can also read the text…

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The Fish that Sees Red by Steve Jenkins, Making Sense of the Natural World

Deep in the ocean, down where the blue and green light of the sky cannot penetrate, there lives a fish that can see the color red. Why? How? Author/illustrator Steven Jenkins explains. You can…

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Caught! by Doreen Rappaport, EMPOWERMENT!

Enslavement of Africans is the brutal stain on the founding of the United States of America. Doreen Rappaport tells the compelling story of a man who escaped slavery with the help of others. You…

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How to Go From Being Wanted by the Police to Working for Them by Marissa Moss, Illuminating Hidden Histories

Want to know how crime-solving became a profession? Marissa Moss tells the riveting story of a man who founded one of the first great detective agencies on the planet. You can read the text here.…

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History Happens Everywhere by Susanna Reich, History Is People

Susanna Reich, an iNK author, discovered that she lived near the home of a woman who was key to getting women the vote. So she investigated and composed a Nonfiction Minute you won't want to…

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Flu and the Constitution by Cynthia Levinson, A Scribe for Social Justice

Should the government be able to force you to accept a vaccine for a very infectious, deadly disease that may keep you from getting sick and protect society? Cynthia Levinson, our Scribe for Social…

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Chimponaut: A Hero Forgotten and Remembered by Jan Adkins -The Explainer General

Who was America's first astronaut in space when we were losing the space race to the Soviet Union? Jan Adkins tells us of his heroic journey, You can also read the text here: Teachers can find…

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