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You made it!

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You did it. You finished the course. I want to thank you.

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HEBREWS: Heroes' Hall of Faith

People died for Christ. Is it worth it?

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3 JOHN: You can always show hospitality!

We Christians might not be rich in monetary gain, but we are immensely rich in many other ways because of Jesus. Have you ever realized how valuable your hospitality is to strangers and Christian…

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How far would you go to prove a scientific theory? This might be the world record...

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PHILEMON: Forgiveness

Paul writes a short letter with a huge lesson.

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You've finished here at GCA! Ah, the next steps are SO exciting!

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Titus: What do the rest of us members do?

How should the rest of the congregation members act? Titus is a tiny book with some large challenges to the people.

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Mere Christianity: Counting the Cost

In the final chapter of my teaching C.S, Lewis' works, I will read a most powerful charge to you about what you are up to whenever you tell the Lord you're ready to let Him take over.

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TAOISM and that thing called YIN and YANG

We hear about people who get involved with a fluid type of life of just "going with the flow". is this Taoism? Does Taoism have a god? Is Taoism a religion?

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2 Timothy: Fighting the Good Fight

This is the last letter Paul will write. Even though he knows he is about to die, he write timothy - and us - words of encouragement.

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Mere Christianity: Is our Faith easy or hard?

C.S. Lewis talks about the Main Purpose of Christianity, and how we may often misunderstand the whole point of our walk with Jesus. This is a most powerful chapter.

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In preparation for Thursday's test, I want you to get familiar with Sociology and Religion's next subject: Zoroastrianism.

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1 TIMOTHY: Leadership in the church

What if you were called upon to help get group of Believers organized into a church? Here one of the three books of the Bible that would be of immense help. 1 Timothy is a powerful book on the…

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MERE CHRISTIANITY: preparing for Thursday's test

You will be writing a Paper on Thursday based on what you are seeing on the next three videos.

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