David Goes to School: A Fun and Educational Read Aloud for Kids

David Goes to School: A Fun and Educational Read Aloud for Kids

David Goes to School is a classic children’s book by David Shannon that follows the adventures of a mischievous little boy named David as he navigates his first day of school. It’s a fun and engaging story that is sure to resonate with young children who are starting school or who are just curious about what school is like.

Why David Goes to School is a Great Read Aloud

There are many reasons why David Goes to School is a great choice for a read aloud. First, it’s a funny and engaging story that will keep kids entertained. Second, it touches on themes that are relevant to young children, such as starting school, following rules, and making friends. Third, the illustrations are colorful and engaging, which will help to hold children’s attention.

Educational Value of David Goes to School

David Goes to School is not just a fun story; it also has educational value. The book can help children to learn about:

  • School routines and expectations
  • The importance of following rules
  • How to make friends and get along with others
  • The importance of being kind and respectful

Tips for Reading David Goes to School Aloud

Here are a few tips for reading David Goes to School aloud to young children:

  • Use different voices for the different characters in the story. This will help to bring the story to life and make it more engaging for children.
  • Ask children questions about the story as you read. This will help them to stay engaged and to think about the story.
  • Talk about the illustrations with children. Ask them what they see in the pictures and what they think is happening.
  • After you finish reading the story, talk about the themes of the story with children. Ask them what they learned from the story and how they can apply what they learned to their own lives.


David Goes to School is a fun and educational read aloud that is sure to be enjoyed by young children. The book is a great way to introduce children to the world of school and to teach them about the importance of following rules, being kind, and making friends.