I Know a Lady – Read Aloud

In this story, a girl imagines what it was like for her beloved elderly neighbor as a young girl. This story is a great way to teach about empathy. Below the video, we have provided a few questions for either a class discussion or a student writing assignment.

Discussion Questions

  1. The lady lives alone, do you think being alone is the same as being lonely? Do you think the lady is lonely? Why or why not?
  2. The lady gives flowers and other gifts all year long. Do you need a reason to give someone a gift? Explain.
  3. The lady waves to the children on their way to and from school. Is it important to be friendly? Why or why not?
  4. The lady know Sally’s name and her dog’s name. Is it important to know a person’s name? Can you be friends with someone without knowing their name? Explain.
  5. The elderly lady was once a little girl. Can you imagine an elderly person you know, (maybe a grandparent, neighbor, or friend) when they were your age? What do you think life was like for them?

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