SchoolTube Channels for Sponsors and Partners

Engage users within a community that boasts the best videos from schools everywhere

  • Student driven, teacher moderated video community
  • Used in 41,000+ schools (40% of all US schools), and 20+ countries
  • Approved in 90% of schools (only site endorsed by top associations)
  • One of the only universally accepted web platforms in all schools, unlike most social networks and video sharing sites blocked by school's strict firewalls.

Individuals and organizations create channels to highlight and archive their own videos as well as their favorite videos from SchoolTube’s inventory. When you acquire a channel on SchoolTube, you create a branded area for users to explore your video collections and experience other aspects of your messaging , all in one place.

Channels deliver a designated page on to convey your messages through the power of video. You may also place a banner on the top of your channel that displays your brand and links back to your website. Use your channel to collect user generated content as well. With a simple call to action you may ask our community to upload videos directly to your channel.

Your channel is a unique space you should promote via social networks and other outlets knowing students and teachers may access it while in school and at home.

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