Mastering the 6 Times Table with Silly School Songs

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of multiplication and explore the 6 times table with the help of Silly School Songs. Through their engaging and educational music videos, learning the 6 times table becomes a fun and enjoyable experience. So, let’s dive right in and discover how Silly School Songs makes multiplication a breeze!

The Power of Music in Learning

Music has a remarkable ability to enhance learning and make complex concepts easier to grasp. Silly School Songs capitalizes on this power by incorporating catchy melodies, vibrant animations, and relatable lyrics into their educational videos. Their 6 Times Table song is a perfect example of how music can transform a potentially challenging subject into an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Step-by-Step with Silly School Songs

The 6 Times Table video by Silly School Songs follows a systematic approach that makes learning the multiplication facts effortless. The song begins by introducing the concept of multiplying by 6 and then proceeds to present each multiplication problem in a clear and concise manner. The repetition of the multiplication facts throughout the song reinforces learning and helps students commit them to memory.

Interactive Learning with Flashcards

To further enhance the learning experience, Silly School Songs has created an interactive Flashcard Practice section on their website. This feature allows students to test their knowledge of the 6 times table through engaging flashcards. The flashcards display the multiplication problems on one side and the answers on the other, providing an effective way for students to practice and reinforce their understanding.

Additional Resources for Learning

In addition to their music videos and flashcards, Silly School Songs offers a wealth of other resources to support learning. Their website features lesson plans, printable worksheets, and additional educational materials that complement their videos. These resources cater to different learning styles and provide students with multiple avenues to grasp the concepts being taught.


Silly School Songs has revolutionized the way students learn multiplication, making it an enjoyable and effective process. Their 6 Times Table song, coupled with their interactive flashcards and additional resources, creates a comprehensive learning experience that engages students and fosters a love for learning. So, let’s embrace the power of music and embark on a musical journey to conquer the 6 times table with Silly School Songs!