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SchoolTube “Capture”: Screen & Video recording

Watch the tutorial below or see Q&As below:

Q: What is the Capture Tool?

A: The Capture Tool allows you to record your video, audio and desktop at the same time. It is great for making lesson recordings and recording presentations. 

Q: How do I use the Capture Tool?

A: Click Add New > Select Screen & Audio Record > Open Kaltura Capture > Click Create New Recording > Click the red button to start your recording.

Q: What can I do with the Capture Tool?

A: Once you have your video capture queued up, you can click the Pencil Tool to open your toolbox. You can draw, write, type, make arrows and open a white board. 

Q: How do I save a video capture on my SchoolTube account?

A: Once you end your recording, click Go to the library in the top right hand corner > Click Upload > Then it goes to My Media and you can publish it to a channel or do anything with it that you would a normal video.  

Q: What is Express Capture?

A: Express Capture is a tool that allows you to just record video.