Skip Counting by 12: A Fun and Engaging Tune from Silly School Songs

In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of skip counting by 12, making it fun and easy for kids to grasp. We will explore an engaging and catchy tune created by Silly School Songs, an educational music channel that specializes in original songs, beats, and videos for preschool, elementary, and even middle and high school learning.

Skip Counting by 12 with Silly School Songs

Skip counting is a fundamental math skill that helps children develop number sense and fluency. By following along with the upbeat tune from Silly School Songs, kids can easily learn how to skip count by 12. The song reinforces the concept through repetition and relatable examples, making it an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

The Catchy Tune

The skip counting song by Silly School Songs is not only educational but also entertaining. With its lively melody and simple lyrics, it captures kids’ attention and keeps them engaged throughout the learning process. The song emphasizes the importance of practice and encourages children to follow along and learn the skill themselves.

Real-World Examples

To enhance the learning experience, the song incorporates real-world examples that connect skip counting to everyday life. For instance, it highlights that there are 12 inches in a foot and 12 months in a year. These relatable examples help children understand the practical applications of skip counting and make the concept more meaningful.

Interactive Learning

The song encourages active participation by inviting kids to sing along and follow the counting sequence. This interactive approach reinforces the learning process and enhances their understanding of the concept. Additionally, the song provides an opportunity for children to practice skip counting in a fun and engaging way.

Additional Resources

For further learning and support, Silly School Songs offers various resources, including educational videos, music, and printable materials. These resources complement the skip counting song and provide additional opportunities for kids to practice and巩固their skills.

In conclusion, the skip counting song by Silly School Songs is an excellent resource for teaching kids how to skip count by 12. Through its catchy tune, real-world examples, and interactive approach, the song makes learning math fun and effective. By incorporating this song into their teaching methods, educators can help students develop a strong foundation in skip counting and enhance their overall math skills.