Skip Counting by 5s: A Rhythmic Adventure with Silly School Songs

In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of skip counting by 5s, making it an enjoyable and engaging experience. Through the power of music, we will embark on a rhythmic journey that simplifies the pattern recognition and memorization of skip counting. Our guide will be a catchy song specially crafted by Silly School Songs, a renowned creator of educational music for various grade levels.

Counting by 5s: A Rhythmic Adventure

The key to mastering skip counting by 5s lies in identifying the simple pattern: a 5 and a 0. This pattern repeats itself throughout the counting sequence, making it easy to remember and apply. With the help of the Silly School Songs melody, children will effortlessly grasp this pattern and develop a strong foundation in skip counting.

The song begins by introducing the concept of skip counting by 5s, inviting young learners to join in the rhythmic adventure. As the song progresses, it reinforces the pattern through repetition, ensuring that children internalize the sequence. The lyrics are simple yet effective, providing a memorable tune that sticks in the mind.

To further enhance the learning experience, the song incorporates a backward counting segment, starting from 50 and counting down by 5s. This reinforces the understanding of the pattern and encourages children to apply their knowledge in different scenarios. The song concludes with a triumphant celebration of the counting adventure, leaving children feeling accomplished and eager to explore more mathematical concepts.

Additional Resources for Skip Counting Success

In addition to the captivating song, we have compiled a list of additional resources to support your child’s skip counting journey:

  • Interactive Online Games: Engage your child in interactive online games that focus on skip counting by 5s. These games provide a fun and interactive way to practice and reinforce the concept.
  • Printable Worksheets: Supplement your child’s learning with printable worksheets that offer skip counting practice. These worksheets can be easily incorporated into homework assignments or used as additional practice.
  • Real-World Applications: Encourage your child to apply skip counting in real-world scenarios. For example, ask them to count by 5s while setting the table or counting the number of steps they take while walking.
  • Peer Collaboration: Foster a collaborative learning environment by encouraging your child to practice skip counting with friends or siblings. This not only reinforces the concept but also promotes social interaction and teamwork.

By combining the power of music, interactive resources, and real-world applications, your child will develop a strong grasp of skip counting by 5s, setting the foundation for future mathematical success.


Skip counting by 5s is a fundamental skill that opens doors to more complex mathematical concepts. Through the engaging melody of the Silly School Songs track and the additional resources provided, your child will embark on a rhythmic journey of learning and discovery. Embrace this opportunity to nurture their mathematical abilities and watch them blossom into confident and capable learners.