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Much Ado About Nothing | Shakespeare | Grand Theatre

In Messina, a messenger brings news that Don Pedro, a prince from Aragon, will return that night from a successful battle, alongside Claudio and Benedick. Beatrice, niece of Leonato, a governor of…

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60 Seconds

A video to get to know me! This will be a good primary source when people look back on the pandemic!

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iAM iMovie Trailer

This trailer will show what is my life about and it shows all the parts that makes my life successful.

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iAm Sophia 2021

This is Sophia Tarpey's iAm video for Broadcast Technology. In this video I show you my likes and what is important to me. Watch to learn more about me and my life!

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iAm iMovie Trailer

An iMovie Trailer all about me! Using iAm statements to describe myself for my broadcast tech class! MAde with iMovie on my iPhone 8 Plus.

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Henry and Mudge and the Careful Cousin 2 Use Pics

Learning About the Main Character- Looking closely at pictures to help us understand the main character.

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Learning About the Main Character

Characters are the most important pasts of the story Unit 4 Session 6

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About Me Slideshow By Logan Evans

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Solo Music VIdeo

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About Me

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