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Chapter 11 Lesson 2

Converting units of measure using multiplication and division

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Media Makers show #25 - Katrina Nickell

Indiana University senior Katrina Nickell is graduating from college this May and was recently hired as a General Assignment Reporter for WLUK-FOX 11 News in Green Bay, WI. On this episode, Katrina…

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The Anti-Christ is also known as the Beast. Did you know there has already been a real-life example of it - and he brutally tore into the Jews? Chapter 11 tells the prophecy...

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Patriots vs Loyalists: The American Revolutionary War

Fifth grade students become famous patriot and loyalist leaders from before the American Revolutionary War and hold a debate. Students researched Thomas Hutchinson, Benjamin Franklin, Jonathan…

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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death- Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry was a self-taught lawyer who became a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses in 1765. The exact words of his speech to the House on March 23, 1776, are not known, since no one has…

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Samuel Adams

Learn more about history and science with Studies Weekly!

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