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Math 3 Unit 2 Day 5 Solving with Quadratic Formula

Review solving quadratics by taking the square root and factoring. Learning to solve quadratics with the quadratic formula, some with imaginary solutions. Using the discriminant to find describe…

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2.2 Lesson

Sketching polynomials using the end behavior from the leading coefficient, and the roots, including any multiplicities. Use the sum and product rule to write equations of polynomials given integers…

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Review completing the square (8.8) and quadratic formula (8.9)

This is a recording of the review that we did during class this morning.

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Algebra I (8.9) Quadratic Formula and Discriminant (part I)

This video covers the first 3 sample problems in 8.9, including the quadratic formula and the discriminant.

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Solve Quadratic Equations using Quadratic Formula

Visit for Free videos on the quadratic formula and all other topics in algebra.

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