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9/9 - 7th & 8th Bible

This is our 9/9 class session

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6th Grade Math - 8/17

This is our class video for August 17th.

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Week 9 Day 2 Mini-Lesson

Today you will play phonemic awareness games with Ms. Kanoza and listen to our story of the week, Amber Brown: Get Ready for 2nd Grade!

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Chapter 8 Amber Brown- Mon. Apr. 27, 2020

Creative Challenge: Amber's mom brings in her favorite dessert during this chapter. I challenge you to make your favorite dish with a grownup and enjoy it together! Baking and cooking are…

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Amber Brown Ch. 7- Tues. Apr. 21, 2020

Creative Challenge: In the story, Amber Brown and Justin have been collecting a ball of chewed up gum from each other throughout the years. I can picture what this looks like (very colorful and big…

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*Please watch first* Introduction to Amber Brown

I look forward to reading , Amber Brown Is Not A Crayon to all my 2nd grade students during this COVID-19 distance learning. You can listen each day, each evening or once a week. This is your…

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