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Acids:Bases Notes 1

Mr. Brown discusses Acids, Bases, and Salts and the difference between Strong Acids/Bases and Weak Acids/Bases. Terms discussed: - Electrolytes - Acids - Hydrogen Ions - Hydronium Ions - Bases…

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Henry and the Paper Route Chapter 6 Part 3 " Ramona Takes Over"

Today we will see what happens when Henry encounters Ramona on his paper route.

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Thermo Notes Walk through week 2

A walk though with the amazing Mr. Ruppel of the notes and mathematical concepts from RHS Chemistry Unit 12 Thermochemistry Week #2

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Repasando el valor de las monedas con Mrs. Oviedo y Sara

Leccion acerca de el valor de las monedas y algunas sugerencias de actividades que puedes hacer en tu casa con tu familia para practicar.

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