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1.3 French and Indian War

The colonists’ decision to draft the Declaration of Independence followed several years of conflict between the king of England and the colonists. Visit Civics360 for more.

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2.10 Monitoring and Influencing Government

In the United States, the government works for the people. Influencing the government means to have an effect or impact on the actions, behavior, or opinions of the government. Visit…

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2.11 Media and Political Communication

Information can be presented in a way that is favors one perspective (“bias”), advocates a clear point of view or action (“propaganda”), or presents images to serve as…

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Ticktock Minutes: AM/PM

Emmy Award-winning Dr. Ticktock (puppeteered and voiced by Michael Earl) teaches kids the difference between AM and PM. Music by Randy Klein, Lyrics by Michael Earl, produced by Mississippi…

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Telling Time A.M and P.M. | Difference Between AM and PM

Learn to tell the difference between AM and PM. A nice trick for PM, is to say past middle day. This is a great lesson to follow along in your math school work books. We talk about A.M. and P.M.,…

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Bandlab Basic - How to slice and trim audio

This is a video looking at how to slice and trim your audio files in Bandlab. I go through the process of recording some audio and showing you how to slice up the audio file in order to cut out…

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Grand Island 2020 Retiree and Tenure Reception 6-8-2020

The Grand Island Central School District Celebrates Teachers who have reached Tenure, and Honors this school year's group of Retirees, who have dedicated many years and decades of service to our…

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PSHS band director, family plays Pomp and Circumstance

Plainfield South High School band director Jerrod Cook and his family honors the Class of 2020 by playing the graduation march Pomp and Circumstance.

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There’s a Bird on my Head!

How will Gerald solve his problem? Is there really a bird on his head?

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Duck on a Tractor read aloud with duck on a tractor guided drawing: final

Duck on a Tractor by David Shannon Read aloud- Guided drawing with Ms. Abbott-duck on a tractor at the farm

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Official Antony & Cleopatra

Watch Antony & Cleopatra directed by Simon Godwin. At the fringes of a war-torn empire the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Mark Antony have fallen fiercely in love. In a tragic fight between…

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Author's Reasoning and Evidence - 1

I did not created the powerpoint. Powerpoint credit:

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Author's Point of View

Narrated PPT using article on School Uniforms to discuss author's point of view and supporting details.

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