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Media Makers show #11 - Joe Weil

Ladue alum Joe Weil is the originator of Psycho Films in Los Angeles, CA. Joe and his company professionally produce music videos, commercials, and other video projects for a dynamic client base in…

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3_30 Mystery Reader - Women's History - Mrs. Killo

Monday March, 30 Mrs. Killo was Mystery Reader for 3-5th grade. In celebration of the closing of Women's History Month, she read some stories from the book "Bedtime Stories for Rebel…

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Hi from Mr. McCain

Hey Shulkey Mustangs! Just wanted to welcome you back to learning and creating art at home.

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1st and 2nd Grade Wildflower Intro & Sketches, March 30th

Hi 1st and 2nd Graders! We are starting a new lesson on wildflowers. You will be making sketches this week. You will need a paper, pencil, and eraser after this lesson.

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Kindergarten Texture Rubbings, March 30th

Hi Kindergarten! In this lesson you will be learning how artists use texture, and then make your own texture rubbing. You will need paper, and either crayons, colored pencils, drawing pencils, and/or…

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2nd Grade Silhouettes

Today, you will be making silhouettes. A silhouette is an outline of a person or an object.

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Ms. Payne Laundry Lanscape

Ms. Payne is so creative! Watch this video for a fun way to make art with your laundry!

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The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds | Read aloud Book for kids

Snugglebug story time with Sarah. I hope you enjoy this read-along with your family. Vashti believes that she cannot draw, but her art teacher's encouragement leads her to change her…

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Discover Rio de Janeiro in 360 | Contiki

Discover Rio de Janeiro in 360 with Contiki. On the famous east coast of Brazil between Sao Paulo and Salvador - that’s where you’ll find the iconic streets of Rio de Janeiro. A…

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The Art Lesson

Read aloud of the story, The Art Lesson by Tomie DePaola.

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10 Amazing Facts about Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky biography: Want to know 10 amazing facts about about the famous Russian artist Kandinsky? This art tutorial covers 10 important elements of the life of Wassily Kandinsky and is…

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