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Mrs. Martin reading Lizard and the Painted Rock

Mrs. Martin reads Lizard and the Painted Rock by Elizabeth Lane and illustrated by Jim Madsen

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Media Makers show #11 - Joe Weil

Ladue alum Joe Weil is the originator of Psycho Films in Los Angeles, CA. Joe and his company professionally produce music videos, commercials, and other video projects for a dynamic client base in…

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Pet Portraits. Part 1

Art project for the week of April 6-10, 2020. Pet Portraits Part 1: Introduces the project and discusses two inspirational artists with differing approaches to this idea.

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Kindergarten Texture Rubbings, March 30th

Hi Kindergarten! In this lesson you will be learning how artists use texture, and then make your own texture rubbing. You will need paper, and either crayons, colored pencils, drawing pencils, and/or…

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Calder Miro Video 2 Calder

Learn about the life and art of Kinetic sculptor Alexander Calder. You have two weeks to create a unique sculpture influenced by the work of this artist. Combine ideas, get creative and make…

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Calder/Miro Final Video 1 Joan Miro

Learn a bit about Joan Miro' and Alexander Calder's friendship. Then dive into the the artwork of Miro' in this short video. What artwork will you create that is inspired by the work…

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LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems! Episode 09

LUNCH DOODLES with Mo Willems! Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence at Home #MoLunchDoodles Mo invites you into his studio, doodles, and teaches you how to draw Leonardo, the Terrible…

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Day 2 The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

Hello my Super Seven Friends!! Happy Tuesday :) Here's a video with more reading from our special book from Bibi (Marian's grandmother). I hope you have a fantastic day. Love you kiddos.…

From  jlknowles on March 24th, 2020 1 likes 27 plays

10 Amazing Facts about Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky biography: Want to know 10 amazing facts about about the famous Russian artist Kandinsky? This art tutorial covers 10 important elements of the life of Wassily Kandinsky and is…

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Visual Art at Norup

This video describes our art offerings at Norup International School. Course offerings include Art 6, Art 7/8, and Advanced Art 8 for those who are very serious about art.

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