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Fly Guy Presents Space

A fictional character sharing non-fiction facts. What was something new you learned today? What was your favorite part? What was a new fact that you learned today?

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Lunar Lander project with Ms. Koenig

Get inspired by NASA's Apollo missions and build a lunar lander to allow astronauts to land safely on the moon! Got an Easter egg (or any egg)? Now you've got your astronaut - Eggbert!

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Wonderful Wahoos

Mrs. Ulrich explores Story Time From Space, a resource that can be found in the "Reading Resources" section of our WAVE Student Resources symbaloo.

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The Backyardigans - Mission to Mars

Tyrone and Tasha are Mission Control specialists who send their friends on a mission to find life on Mars.

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Robotics in Space Team #31512A.mp4

VEX IQ STEM Project from Team #31512A - Wilshire Park Elementary School

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What Is Microgravity?

So we know about GRAVITY, but what exactly is MICROGRAVITY? Kids make their best guesses, but the answer might be in outer space!

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ISS Event

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Guion Bluford

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