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QSI AIS Monday, March 30 Elementary Announcements

QSI AIS Monday, March 30 Elementary Announcements distance learning expectations distance learning tip: interact

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Destiny Discover

Check out digital books through our library.

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BigBlueButton overview for moderator/presenters (with breakout rooms) in BigBlueButton

This video gives an overview of moderator and presenter capabilities in the BigBlueButton client, including the ability to do polling, share YouTube videos, and put students into breakout rooms.

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SchoolTube Capture Tutorial

Use SchoolTube Capture to record lessons, presentations, create training videos, and record smartboard sessions. The ability to instantly record your device screen, camera and audio feed makes…

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iMovie iOS Update 2019 - New features on iPad/iPhone

iMovie iOS Update 2019 - New features on iPad/iPhone Link to the example video made in this tutorial - In this video, I take you through the awesome new features in…

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CTAE Video East Paulding 2019

A highlight of the CTAE offerings at East Paulding High School produced by Jack Britton, Hannah Davis, and Maddie Chauvin.

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To Have A Buddy Series (PT 1)

What does it mean to have a buddy? It means being there for students no matter the circumstances. It means to be One Raider as a community, as a faculty, and as a student body for one another. Mr.…

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The Quick Brown Fox Rocks Audio and Visual with HTML

Share your creative genius with the world! The HTML video and audio elements make it easy for us to set-up media players on a web page.

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WCTV Feb 7, 2018

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