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iRam 10.17

This iRam episode takes you into the iRam Studio for a news parody featuring stories about the weather, the superhero known as The Helping Hand, hallway pedestrians, Senoritus, friendship, and couple…

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iRam 10.12

This episode starts with a musical opening, and pays homage to popular television programs of the past from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, to The Brady Bunch, and Hell's Kitchen. It also includes…

From  danielmello on November 22nd, 2019 0 likes 114 plays

iRam 10.7

This Halloween episode features a monstrous dance opening, followed by skits about Zodiac signs, teenage vampires, popular dance moves, melted candy, and haunted dolls. CTE Media Instructor: J.…

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Status Update 6.9

This show includes highlights from the downtown Monster Mash, as well as information on the Homecoming King and Queen nominees, College Night, the Army Recruiters, DRHS Book Club, the boys basketball…

From  danielmello on September 27th, 2019 0 likes 17 plays

iRam 10.3

This iRam episode features a comedic look at popular "vsco" trends, types of dancers, bad days, and overly polite people. Please enjoy. CTE Media Instructor: J. Guanajuato

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Cut Glass Artwork

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Posting Pictures to Canvas

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iRam 8.31

This Special Edition iRam features student film narrative submissions from the 2018 Frontera Film Festival and Ram Film Awards including such films as "Inner Thoughts," and…

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Nguyen D

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