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Henry and the Paper Route by Beverly Cleary Chapter 2 Part 2 "Henry and the Premiums"

Today we will see what happens when Henry goes door to door trying to find homes for his kittens.

From  Pasadena2ndGrade on May 15th, 2020 1 likes 11 plays

Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary Chapter 2 Part 2 "Gallons of Guppies"

Today we will see what happens with all of Henry's Guppies in the second part of chapter two, "Gallons of Guppies."

From  Pasadena2ndGrade on April 21st, 2020 1 likes 16 plays

home life during quarantine

A little about what life is like at home for families during the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Chapters 25-27

Here we go with the rest of the book. The end was too good to stop!

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The Dark

Read with permission from Little, Brown and Company Author: Lemony Snicket Illustrator: Jon Klassen

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