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Gratitude Tree

Create your own leaf to add to our gratitude tree!

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8/26 MS Bible - Hanners

This is Mr. Hanners’ teaching on the Romans Road.

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Views of Biblical Creation

In this teaching, Mr.Brondyke explains the different views of Biblical Creationism.

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Man's Destiny Teaching (Audio File)

In this teaching, Mr. Brondyke teaches about the false views of man's destiny as well as what the Bible says about the truth of man's destiny.

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Video 1 in a series of videos by Dr. A. Michael Shaw. BE STRONG

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RT Today: 3.13.20

The taped broadcast of RT Today, Middletown High School’s morning announcements, for March 13, 2020.

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Most times to fold a piece of paper

Britney presents the equations used to prove that a piece of paper can be folded more than 8 times, the previously accepted limit. She folded a piece of paper in half x 12 times. She…

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Belief with Mazin

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