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9/15 MS / HS Chapel

This is our MS / HS Chapel Service for 9/15

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Flight Attendant welcome

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0-4. Our Solar System and Planets to Scale for Size

Background information on our Solar System and its Planets How to Build a Model of the Planets of Our Solar System to Scale for Size

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Week of 5/11-5/15 (Pre-K/Kindergarten) Library Reading

2 Nursery Rhymes and Yes, No, Little Hippo by Jane Moncure. Read by Mary Packard.

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Earth's Orbit and the Night Sky

Read about constellations and the night sky. Complete research on a particular constellation.

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Fly Guy Presents Space

A fictional character sharing non-fiction facts. What was something new you learned today? What was your favorite part? What was a new fact that you learned today?

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