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Las cosas que me gustan. Nivel A1

Expresar gustos y preferencias, conocer los adverbios de cantidad 'mucho', 'bastante', 'poco' y la oposición 'muy/mucho'. Un vídeo de…

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olivia 3d flexi

Some good technological problem solving and thinking for our new digital curriculum reverse thinking - de-construct - go with the known - work it out !

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Scholastic's Strega Nona (Español)

Scholastic's classic animated short, Strega Nona, narrated in Spanish. SUBSCRIBE for more! Strega Nona's meddling assistant Big Anthony is determined to prove to the town his knowledge…

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What is Box of Joy?

In 2018, Catholics united through the Box of Joy ministry to send Christmas gifts to children in developing countries. Box of Joy is a way to demonstrate Christ’s compassion to poor children in…

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Beta Club 2012-2013

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cullen gets tackled

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