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The Big Game

Mrs. Roundy's class nine sentence stories. What happens when two girls want to play basketball with you, but they really don't know how to play? You coach them!

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Tap Big Lines

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Big Bad Wolf

Miss Jessica reads "Big Bad Wolf" by Claire Masure and Melissa Iwai.

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Media Makers show #8 - Mike Stewart

Executive Producer and Director for Big Deal Productions, Mike Stewart shares his experiences producing national commercials, including producing Super Bowl commercials, as well as his long-time…

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Science in Nature with Ms Brodsley, Water Cycle

This is a video about the water cycle for children K-5. It takes children through the simple phases of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and runoff & collection. I am using video I am…

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Science in Nature with Ms Brodsley

This is a Science in Nature mini-lesson about simple erosion, basic gravity, and force - all done with a puddle and creating a little river.

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Science in Nature with Ms Brodsley, Steller's Jays

This video is about Steller's Jays eating and choosing peanuts during a science experiment that focuses on independent variables for kids K-5.

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Lulu is Getting a Sister Read Aloud (the end of the book for Steff/Kaela's class)

Hi friends! In case you are wondering how our Lulu story it is! Miss you!

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Bear in the big blue house intro

Adams favorite TV program! ^^

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Small Town Big Stuff - Meet the Record Breakers

Casey in Illinois has the: Largest Mailbox, Largest pitchfork, Largest clogs / wooden shoes, Largest golf tee, Largest wind chime, Largest rocking chair, Largest knitting needles. Discuss…

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Mr.Kenna Big Adventure

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