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AL#4 CHESS. Designing our own game pieces

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Thursday 4/30/20 video

Student’s, please watch my video first. Thank you.

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Sacrament of Matrimony within the Catholic Church

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Ecological succession: Mt St Helens rebuilds

Short video explaining the over 35 year journey of ecological succession around Mount Saint Helens. Perfect for middle school science students.

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2B Daily Connection 3-17-20

Hello 2B Friends, I hope you are enjoying your day! I miss you all!! Love, Ms. Boyle

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Valentine's Day Facts for Kids

How many valentines are sent out every year? How many boxes of chocolates are given on Valentine's Day? What is the story behind this interesting holiday? Learn these facts and more in this…

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2013 jazz ensemble

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ERHS Clermont PSA Child Abuse

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BGTV 2/6/13

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