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Lesson 26 Problem Set

Hey Friends! So, I made a mistake on solving for question 2C. The correct answer is 20+12=32. Thank you for watching

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Making fractions and comparing them to 1

This video explains how to make fractions that compare to one. The problem is from Day 10 of the ten-day district packet.

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1st Grade PHONICS - Wednesday, April 22

Join Mrs. Innocent for phonics and review the silent e rule and consonant blends.

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Seneca Remote Learning 3-5 Supplemental Instruction Video for the week of April 13th-17th

Instructional Video for "Call me" (Remote Learning Lesson for April 13th-17th) Listen and watch Miss Goetschius teach this lesson from her home music studio!

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Adding Tens to Any Two-Digit Number, Part 2

This lesson builds on Part 1 by showing you how to draw your tens and ones, add tens in your head, and apply your learning to solve number story problems. If you are still having difficulty with…

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Hello! LS April 7th

Hello! LS April 7th

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