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Teacher Notes Graduation 2020 Final

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Subtract within 120 Lesson 3

Use this video as a guide for Subtracting Tens strategies on Math Practice Pages 6-10 from the week of 6/1/20. If you need support with this assignment, you may also want to watch this BrainPOP…

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Subtracting within 120 Lesson 1

Use this video as a guide to "Take from the Ones" for Math Practice Pages 1-2 of the Week 6/1/20. Try or watch the brainPOP links from your assignment…

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Add within 120 Lesson 2

Use this video as a guide for Add within 120 Lesson 2, Math Practice Pages 4-6 for the week of 5/26/20. Use the number bond strategy to make the next ten when you are adding bigger and bigger…

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5th grade 2020

Bryan Hill 5th Grade Graduation Slideshow

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Sinte - 3rd Grade 2020

This is our virtual African dance presentation. Our dance is called Sinte and is from Guinea, West Africa. Thank you to Miss Jeannine Osayande, Mr. Kwasi, Mr. Steve Jackson and others at Dunya…

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Addition Within 100 Lesson 1

Use as a guide for Math Practice Pages 5-7 for the week of 5/18/20. Try the "add the ones" strategy using number bonds and thinking of your tens and ones as part-part for 2 digit numbers!…

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