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Algebra I (8.6) Solve Quadratic Eqns by Factoring

8.6 is factoring again, but the "y" is replaced with "0", which means you SOLVE by finding zeros (x-intercepts).

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Algebra I - More Factoring (7.6)

In this video, I worked through the example problems in section 7.6, pages 498-500 in your textbook. If you think that you can do it, then pause the video, try it, then restart to check your work.

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Moana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A kids yoga adventure based on Disney's Moana. Join Jaime on a journey to Motunui - in yoga poses! Strength, balance and calm for kids aged 3+ Please support us on Patreon!…

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Steff reads Tops and Bottoms

Do you think it's fair what Hare did to Bear? Why?

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7.4 Bottom Up Example 2

7.4 Factoring by Bottom Up Method (when a is not 1)

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