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3/30/20 Palm Leaf Craft

Work on making a palm branch as we revisit our Bible Story from last week!

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Wednessday Circle Time

Please join us for Wednesday's Circle Time!

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Mr. O the History Pro - Marbury v. Madison

Video lecture on the Supreme Court case of Marbury v Madison and a modeling of a Junior High Supreme Court Case Project. Works Cited: Tereziu, Ertis. “Marbury v. Madison.”…

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Trolls | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A yoga adventure based on the movie, Trolls. Join Jaime on an adventure in yoga poses - as we help the Trolls bring happiness to the world! Remember to subscribe!

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How To Draw A Cartoon Sloth

Austin and I are learning how to draw a cartoon sloth today! We hope you'll follow along and learn with us. This project is meant to be simple and easy for younger artists, but still fun for…

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Organic 1

AP Chemistry brief overview of organic chemistry

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The Aristocats - Everybody wants to be a cat

I do not own this movie. All rights reserved by Disney and partners - The Aristocats (1970) Music by Floyd Huddleston & Al Rinker Lyrics by Floyd Huddleston & Al Rinker Sung by Phil…

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Mr. O The History Pro - Judicial Branch

Video lecture on the Judicial Branch of the United States' Government. Made for a middle school audience in mind. Works Cited: Anderson, Nick. “Diversity on the Supreme Court.”…

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1st Grade Music - Peter and the Wolf

25 years ago, when my children were young, we would sit and listen to this recording of Peter and the Wolf and look at the book from where all the images in the video are from. I created this video…

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