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5-Shot Sequence

Second edited video in Broadcast Technology. This is a video of a fellow classmate, Julia, as she works in the Broadcast Studio. We shot these videos during class one day. Unfortunately, we ended…

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5-shot sequence

For Broadcast Technology I created this video that utilizes the 5-shot sequence technique.

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5-Shot Sequence

My broadcast technology class was assigned to create a video which follows a specific sequence of 5 shots. Last week, we were able to film these shots at Ladue High School.

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5-Shot Sequence EDITING in iMovie

February 18, 2021 - Mr. Goble Broadcast Technology I class. Mr Goble models a simple workflow for editing the 5-Shot Sequence, from: Creating a new Event and renaming it Importing video clips Using…

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5-Shot Sequence lecture: Broadcast Technology I class, February 7, 2021

Mr. Goble goes through the latest lessons, cinematography, and discusses the basic three camera shot distances, Wide, Medium, and Tight, also referred to as a Close Up shot sometimes. We also discuss…

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60 Seconds

A video to get to know me! This will be a good primary source when people look back on the pandemic!

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60 Second Introduction

For this assignment we were tasked with creating a video about ourselves in just 60 seconds. I decided to focus on my passion for photography because it's my favorite creative outlet!

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iAM iMovie Trailer

This trailer will show what is my life about and it shows all the parts that makes my life successful.

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iAm Joelle Trailer

iAm Movie Trailer with pictures and videos describing my life. I made this in class so Mr. Goble could get to know me better as a person.

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Watching a Buckeyes Game- Montage Mania

This is a montage of my family watching The Ohio State Buckeyes play the Northwestern Wildcats. I created it as my final project in my Broadcast Technology class.

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I am imovie trailer

We were supposed to use the trailer feature in imovie and just add stuff to it that has to do with me. I had pu together a bunch of photo's of me and my family for it.

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5 shot sequence

We were supposed to do 5 different shots that our teacher would tell us to do. In those 5 shots, it should be the same person doing the same action. That action could be anything, like cooking,…

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Failure is Required to Have Success(redone)

This is a assignment that is supposed to be six words and has to tell a story.

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All Things Green-A color montage by Andrew Crump

Please enjoy all things green in my virtual world. I used many different camera shots and video. The music is called "Evergreen."

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5 Shot Sequence

This is a short 5 shot video telling a small story.

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