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Media Makers show #20 - Tim Gore

Tim Gore is the Director of Educational Initiatives for Educate.Today, a free website for teachers and students. Tim was a teacher himself for 28 years until he began working to create programming…

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Media Makers show #17- Antonio Zapian Luna

Ladue alum Antonio Zapiain Luna is a filmmaker, photographer and animator, based in Los Angeles, California. Antonio graduated from DePaul University in Chicago, majoring in Cinema Production. In…

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Media Makers show #7 - Claire Levinson

Ladue alum Claire Levinson discusses what it's like to be an animation editor in Los Angeles, CA. Claire also reminisces about her time in the Ladue Broadcast Technology program, her college…

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Media Makers show #3 - Lillian Donahue

Ladue alumni Lillian Donahue discusses her current position as a reporter for Live 5 in Charleston, SC. Lillian also discusses how her local stories have been picked up by national news, her national…

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Atterberry 5 shot sequence

In Broadcast Tech, we learned how to make a story in five shots.

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Just One Click PSA

Social media safety needs to be emphasized and taught in schools. In this video, Ladue High School Broadcast Technology students, along with Ladue Middle School Video Journalism students, worked…

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iAm Chase Mijori

I am Chase Mijori Thompson and this is my iAM iMovie trailer. This video is an insight to who I am and how my life is going on right now.

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iAm Grace

This project was very fun to create. I thought of the different qualities and characteristics of myself that make me, me. For each "iAm" statement I chose pictures and/or videos that fit…

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Don Goble teaching Broadcast Technology news package

Learn about teacher Don Goble from Ladue Horton Watkins High School in this short news package feature.

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iAm Paul

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LHS News Minute

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I am living in a movie

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