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FCSS Spring Virtual Conference Session: Founding Civics: Teaching Big Ideas in the Constitution

Understanding the Constitution is essential to civic life, yet students often find this Charter difficult to read and comprehend. This session will introduce students to the Constitution by…

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October 6, 2020 Morning Announcements

Mr. Martinez and Student Body President, Joya, officially announce Carpenter's next school wide event, Cartoon Night. This event will be held on Friday, October 16, on Zoom. The festivities…

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The Rez Episode 6 2020-2021 Cartoons!!!

Alvarado High School News Broadcast The Rez Episode 6 2020-2021 Cartoons!!!

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Verb Phrases

Section 5.5 of textbook. Identify verb phrases which include at least one helping verb plus a main verb.

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SOCIOLOGY AND HUMOR: What makes people laugh?

Why do some people laugh at something while other people yawn at the joke? Why do people laugh anyway - what is it that causes you to react in such a way? Today's subject is quite intriguing. …

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Find the Hidden Object from the episode "UFO"

Find all hidden objects in this video before time runs out!

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