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Cirro or cirrus

This screen recording describes cirrus and teachers you to say both the name and description in Spannish.

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ABC Song - Alphabet Song - Phonics Song for Kids - Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Our popular Phonics ABC song teaches the alphabet and each letter sound. From the CD, "Preschool Learning Fun" Download CD:…

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Shake Your Sillies Out ♫ Brain Breaks Songs for Kids ♫ Kids Action Songs by The Learning Station

Shake Your Sillies Out (with lyrics) is a popular children's brain breaks, action song for kids. It is from the award-winning CD, "Kid's Country Song & Dance". …

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Personal Story - Brandy

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Talent Show

Limon and Oli participate in the talent show in school. They want to get the best prize with their rap dance performance.

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How to Create a CD

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CD Stealing

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UMS CD Commercial

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