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Inside the Classroom: Ina Brixey Center 02.04.2020

Preschool students in Jocelyn Johnson's class at the Ina Brixey Center are learning how to write letters. This week students learned how to write the letter T.

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Vidcast episode 10: A discussion about the Wilco Area Career Center

Not every students wants or needs to go directly to college after high school. The Wilco Area Career Center helps students enter the workplace by providing hands-on vocational skills taught by…

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Save The Michaels Presentation 1-7-2020

The Grand Island Wellness Committee is excited to share that the Family Support Center has reestablished a relationship with Save the Michaels of the World, Inc., an organization that provides…

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SIX WORD Story Shot! “Faith Without The Works is Dead”.

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Getting Down

Bet you can keep a friend in a chair with one finger!

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Quincy School Committee October 30, 2019

The Quincy School Committee of October 30, 2019 features the following topics: Students from both Quincy High and North Quincy High recognized for being Merit Scholars, The Superintendent's…

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Arlena Walcott (Superwoman by Alicia Keys)

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Video Resume_9

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