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Is it ok for the Christian to sin once in a while? Romans 6

There are two questions in Romans 6 about how a Christian is supposed to deal with sin in his or her life. This is the answer to question #2: is an occasional sin permissible in the life of a…

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COLOSSIANS: the Bible study

How would you share the passages in Colossians to others? Can you explain it? Can you illustrate it? Can you make the application to their lives?

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"Mere Christianity": Is HOPE kind of stupid?

Are we just a bunch of wishful idiots, "hoping" that things will be okay when we die? What is the TRUE definition of Christian hope? You may be surprised at some of the depths we reach…

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Media Makers show #22 - Rick Horton

Former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Rick Horton serves as an analyst on FOX Sports Midwest’s Cardinals game telecasts and Cardinals Live pregame and postgame shows. Rick also broadcasts game for…

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