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Our final 2 Corinthians study: strength in weakness

We study Paul' theme for the Christian in this passage: "God's power is made perfect in weakness." What is THAT supposed to mean...?

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Taba Naba - Christine Anu and The Wiggles (2000)

Taba Naba is a children's song from the Torres Strait Islands. It goes: Taba naba naba norem Tugi penai siri Dinghy e naba we Miko keimi Sere re naba we Taba naba norem Its translation…

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SENIOR BIBLE: C.S. LEWIS' "Mere Christianity" #2

I want you to write an explanantion of what I'm going to show you. "What makes Christianity different from all other faiths?" Here is a very important point.

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Oscar Christian Safety

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KSBJ KTRM Radio History

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