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ASL: Mrs. Luczak's Soap Carving Tips

You will need: Bar soap Scratch paper Pencil Scissors Plastic knife or dinner knife (you don't need sharp knife) Paper clip A paintbrush or a small towel Newspaper or large towels and a plate…

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Week 3: 4th/5th Grade Cello/Bass Lesson (Pages 26/27 Essential Elements)

Cello: I can read and play my G string notes. Bass: I can read and play my E and A string notes.

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4th Grade: Johnny Had One Friend Recorder Warm Up

Time to get out your recorders, friends!! We're going to be focusing on Johnny Had One Friend, using G, A, and B on our recorders. Don't have a recorder?! NOT TO WORRY! Go get yourself a…

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phonics/phonemic awareness lesson

This is our daily phonics/phonemic awareness lesson that we do in school. This will help reinforce reading and sounds. It cuts off at the end,so please disregard how it ends.

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Seize the Day Part 1

Performance of Part 1 of "Seize the Day" for fifth grade choir students at Burton and Rogers Elementary Schools

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