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How to Make Cheese by Ella

2021 iDidaMovie entry for iDidaContest sponsored by ASTE

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5/6/20 Music Time with Mrs. Brittany

Today we are going to use our stuffies to keep the beat with Vivaldi's Spring. You won't want to miss our song about Joy with sign language and our book "Click Clack Moo!" You…

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Moosical Music Lesson

This is a music lesson that incorporates the book, Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type, by Doreen Cronin, illustrated by Betsy Lewin, published by Little Simon. Practice basic rhythm reading, vocal…

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Click, Clack, PEEP! written by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin

Click, Clack, PEEP! being read by Mrs. O'Connor While listening to this book watch for POP OUT WORDS. Authors use those words to get the readers attention or tell the reader to change their…

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MaryBeth King RollercoasterF8F79C77-3FCD-4C5A-9603-F6DE855A7EA7

are you tall enough to ride the rollercoaster. If you are, are you brave enough. Do you laugh, scream or cover your eyes on the ride? Take a ride and listen to Rollercoaster by Marla Frazier!

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Click Clack Moo

Mr. Milford reads about what happens with cows start typing!

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