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Old Joe Clark

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Social Studies for April 2/10.2 The Lousiana Purchase

Napoleon and Santo Domingo Lewis, Clark, and York Pike Federalist Plan to Secede and Hamilton - Burr Duel

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AS ICR 6G BHM cafe_02252020 (Made by Headliner)

Aux Sable Middle School English Language Arts students and band students honored Black History Month by presenting the Spoken Word Art and Music Cafe. Students read works about important African…

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Scholastic's I Have a Dream: The Play Reader's Theater

A reading of the script from Scholastic's I Have a Dream: the Play. This is read by my students with accompanying art work and images from the life and times of Martin Luther King Junior.

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Keeping in Touch by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, Nature's Animal Ambassador

How would you feel if you couldn't communicate with your loved ones for years. That's what happened to the 50 people who accompanied Lewis and Clark on an exploratory journey from St.…

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Learning to Tell the Time with Millie Maths

Millie Maths is a Super Geek Hero on a mission to learn. In this episode she counts from 1 to 12 using the numbers on a clock face. Millie helps you to learn to tell the time using o'clock…

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National Principal's Month video

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